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The outstanding imaging quality of the Leica S is not attributable to any single system component. Every single component is optimized to perfection, but its true powers are shown by their interaction. Decisive proof of this can be seen in the 37.5 megapixel CCD image sensor, specially developed for Leica, with micro lens shift and an infrared filter, which - together with the extremely high performance of the Maestro processor - ensures that creative ideas always lead to outstanding images.

When you hold a Leica S in your hands, you find the controls exactly where you expect them to be. Its layout and design, similar to that of a classic 35mm SLR, ensuring intuitive handling in every respect, for instance by combining familiar elements like the shutter speed dial with state-of-art controls. Everything about the Leica S is dedicated to providing photographers with all the options they need for a spontaneous style of work.

The S (Type 006) offers photographers access to the entire portfolio of lenses, technical equipment and accessories available for the Leica S-System.

Highlights of the Leica S

  • 37.5 mega pixels
  • 30x45 mm Pro Format sensor
  • Ruggedly built and environmentally sealed
  • Shutter speeds up to 1/4000 s
  • Leica S-Adapter compatible for 3rd party lenses
  • 3" LCD display
  • Flash sync 1/125 s (1/1000 s with CS lenses)
  • GPS selectable
  • Weight 1260 g

Item Specifics

Leica product code 10803

S/N 4810041

This is a remarkable certified pre-owned camera.  It's also, a great way to enter the medium format photography world. You will think you're getting a never used camera since there are no visible marks on the body.  The LCD screens are also scratch free.

Item includes

The Leica S body with cap, the original box, instructions, battery, battery charger (US, EU, car adapter), USB cable, sync cable, sync Accessories_Accessories_Adapters, eye cap cover and neck strap.


Leica Certified Pre-Owned 1 Year Warranty